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2015年12月4日 星期五

The Five Best Open Source Calendar Servers for Linux

Finding Linux-based calendar clients, like Evolution or Mozilla Lightning, is easy — but what about the server-side software? You'll find some great calendar servers for Linux, if you know where to look. From light-weight to heavy duty, Cosmo to Darwin, we've picked five of the best open source calendar servers for Linux for you to try.
Calendaring software has come a long way on the client side in recent years; the Linux desktop has a healthy selection of apps to choose from, including Evolution, Mozilla Lightning, and KOrganizer. But, at the same time, much of their usefulness really stems from the popularity of the server-side calendar sharing protocols, iCalendar and CalDAV. Niche sites like Remember The Milk and big online service providers like Yahoo and Google have made shared calendars common place. Anyone can publish a calendar feed, confident that everyone on the Web can subscribe to it on the OS and device of their choosing and stay up-to-date.
But just like you don't want a email address on your business card, serving up your business's public calendar of events through Google Calendar or Windows Live Hotmail Calendar can make your organization look less-than-professional. Plus you run the persistent risk of leaving your data in someone else's hands. Luckily there is no reason to do so — you have plenty of choices for self-hosting your calendar service, just like you do your Web site or your blog. Let's take a look at the best open source calendar servers, and see what each offers.